Carbon market

Climate Projects

This is a financing instrument created by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITERD), and coordinated by the Spanish Office for Climate Change. Its purpose is to redirect domestic economic activity towards low-carbon models, thereby contributing to the Spanish goals for the reduction of GHG emissions in the diffuse sector. This financing is used to mobilise resources and eliminate barriers, encouraging investment in projects capable of reducing GHG emissions through the purchase of each reduced and verified ton of CO2 equivalent for 4 years.

With more than 200 Climate Projects managed in all sectors and a signed emission reduction of over 3,500,000 tons of CO2 equivalent, ECOTERRAE is the most important climate project management entity in the country, with more than € 30,000,000 under management and a 100% success rate in the carbon credits verification and issuance phase.

Voluntary markets for the generation of VERs (such as VERRA and Gold Standard)

  • We have access to what we call climate finance in carbon markets through the management of different platforms and standards: Verra, Gold Standard, etc.


  • This is one of the largest regulated carbon markets in the world, and currently affects almost 1,100 facilities in Spain and 45% of all domestic greenhouse gas emissions. The measurement of emissions and subsequent trading thereof enables the companies involved to reduce their emissions, with the aim of helping Europe to meet the ambitious commitments defined in the Paris Agreement.

Offsetting, climate neutrality

  • We provide solutions to enable organisations to offset irreducible emissions and to achieve carbon neutrality in the medium and long term.

Carbon balances

  • Measuring your carbon footprint is not the only important factor. In the same way we are able to calculate the emissions prevented by your organisation, we also need to assess the CO2 emissions set for our forest, agricultural and marine ecosystems … This is achieved through carbon balances.

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