Ecodesign, the flagship project of Iturri, SA and Ecoterrae


Ecoterrae is currently working on several projects with the company Iturri, SA, the most noteworthy of which is the Revolve LCA project they are developing with the clothing department. The aim of this project is to establish the guidelines for the inclusion of ecodesign in the organisation’s projects by conducting a comparative analysis of the different alternatives using the life cycle approach.

This comparative analysis is conducted using a calculation tool in which the categories of the carbon footprint and water footprint impact of each project are compared in order to conclude which of the alternatives analysed has the least impact on global warming and water resources.

As such, a large number of variables are studied in order to determine which of the alternatives has the least impact, making it possible to modify the type of fibres used to manufacture each fabric, the type of product to be offered to the customer, durability and frequency of washing, the method of distribution to the end customer and end-of-life management.

This last item is one of the most interesting, as it includes the concept of circular economy in the analysis, the results of which illustrate the difference in terms of carbon and water footprints of the use of landfills or the reuse of garments in good condition.

Working together with an organisation with such a firm commitment to sustainability is a pleasure. This is the beginning of a turning point in which we hope to continue accompanying the organisation in its commitment to sustainable development and compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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