Climate Projects


Climate Projects are found, specifically in Spain, in the diffuse sector (not subject to the European regulation of the EU-ETS market).

This is an annual call sponsored by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITERD)(MITERD) and regulated by the Spanish Office for Climate Change (OECC), through which GHG emission reduction projects are encouraged in sectors such as industry, residential, commercial and institutional (RCI), agriculture, waste and transportation.

Projects such as the replacement of fossil fuels with biomass or residual heat, the biomethanisation of organic waste, the active degassing of landfills and investment in sustainable transport (among others).

These projects are eligible to receive 4 years of economic consideration in exchange for the reduction and certification of GHG emissions (thereby helping to reduce the national inventory of GHG emissions), managed by the Carbon Fund for a Sustainable Economy (FES-CO2).

One of ECOTERRAE‘s main lines of work is focused on carbon markets.

ECOTERRAE conducts the comprehensive management of the call from the presentation of projects to the obtainment of the incentive by the project developer, with a satisfactory verification rate of 100%.

We are entrusted with the management of more than 200 climate projects throughout Spain, responsible for a reduction of over 3,000,000 tons of CO2 equivalent, and which receive incentives of more than € 30,000,000, all of which ranks us the main managers of the call.

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