When talking about sustainable events, we are referring to those designed and implemented in accordance with ASG (environmental, social and good governance) criteria, generating the minimum possible negative impact and enhancing the positive impact on the local community affected by activities as a whole.

These projects are extremely ambitious, as they encompass all areas of sustainability (not only the carbon footprint, which is a cornerstone in the area of environment), and they enable us to influence and raise the awareness of a significant number of stakeholders.

Presentation at the FIBES Seville Auditorium Itálica.
Presentation at the FIBES Seville Auditorium Itálica.

In this line of work, worthy of special note is the technical guidance provided by ECOTERRAE to the Seville Tourism Board and the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) at the World Travel and Tourism Summit held in the capital of Andalusia in 2019.

We provided guidance to all those involved in this sustainable event to enable them to meet the requirements established in the sustainable event standards and, after passing the external audit process, we managed to obtain the first Sustainable Event certificate awarded in Andalusia.

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