Strategic sustainability

Materiality analysis, sustainability reports and EINF (GRI)

  • We can help you identify, prioritise and interact with your stakeholders (focus groups, for example), with the aim of getting to know and meeting their priority expectations (materiality analysis) in terms of sustainability (ESG – environmental, social and good governance).
  • We align an organisation´s priorities with the SDGs (and their targets) in relation to which they have the biggest impact, in such a way that enables us to monitor and disseminate the milestones achieved within the framework of the 2030 Agenda.
  • We design and create Sustainability Reports and Non-Financial Information Statement Reports. To this end, we comply with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the provisions of Law 11/2018.

Plans for adaptation to corporate CC

  • We design Plans of Action that enable us to identify climate threats and impacts, to ascertain the degree of vulnerability of our facilities and processes, and to increase our resilience.

Sustainable Mobility Plan for companies and municipalities

  • Another of the most interesting measures with regard to the mitigation of Climate Change is the design of Sustainable Mobility Plans for companies and municipalities.

Sustainable events (ISO 20121)

  • In addition to ensuring an event is carbon neutral, we help you to implement the Sustainable Events Management System at your organisation in compliance with the guidelines of ISO 20121 and the official Sustainability Manuals in the MICE sector.

Sustainable Tourism (various seals)

  • At a time when tourism, one of the country´s main industries, is unfortunately suffering, we need to be able to create strategies to attract users and customers that are aware of sustainability, while helping companies in the sector to increase their resilient against the threats of climate change. All this is achieved and certified through recognised international standards such as Biosphere, Greenleaders, The Green Key, Earth Check, Green Globe and Travelife.


  • • How many of your projects have remained ‘in the drawer’ or haven´t left your department? We give training courses on sustainability.

Sustainable waste management and circular economy

  • We help you to implement a circular economy strategy at organisations and municipalities, providing technical guidance from the process of characterisation to the planning and implementation of measures to promote the reduction, recycling and reuse of materials.

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