Environmental footprints

Carbon footprint and GHG emissions inventories (organisations, products, services, events)

  • We help you to prepare your GHG emissions inventory, advising you on how to calculate, reduce and offset your organisation´s carbon footprint, in addition to that of your products and services and events.
  • To this end, we use internationally recognised standards such as ISO 14064, 14067, GHG Protocol, PAS 2060, PAS 2050, ISO 14069, etc.

Water footprint

  • We have vast experience in the provision of technical guidance on calculating, reducing and offsetting the water footprint of organisations, processes, products and services.
  • Our studies and reports are audited based on the guidelines established by the Water Footprint Network (partners) and ISO 14046.

Life-Cycle Analysis. Environmental Product Declarations. Eco-labelling

  • We analyse the life cycle of products and services in order to ascertain their impact in different areas such as climate change, water resources and damage to ecosystems. For this purpose, we use specialised software and databases to ensure the results are fully certifiable. It is then possible to issue self-declarations or third-party declarations pursuant to the so-called “product category rules”, the purpose of which is the subsequent issuance of “Environmental Product Declarations”, the most reliable and secure way of declaring and labelling the environmental impact of a product, thereby enabling interested parties to use this variable when making decisions with regard to the competition.


  • Eco-design enables us to reduce the environmental impact and enhance the environmental performance of a product (understanding products as goods and services) throughout its life cycle. It is used to include the philosophy of continuous improvement in the life of products and processes, and also requires the concept of Life Cycle to be implemented. It is also certifiable pursuant to standard ISO 14006.
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