We have been committed to Sustainable Development and mitigating the effects of Climate Change since 2012

Our mission

To consolidate sustainability in society through serving as a strategic ally of the public-private sector

Our vision

To treble and internationalise our business by 2023, becoming a 100% carbon-neutral company while increasing our social commitment in a continuous manner

Our values

We work as a team. We are all Ecoterrae. We strive for continuous improvement, we pursue growth and learning. We firmly believe in honesty and create bonds based on trust. We are happy, very close and passionate ... we feel!!

Our purpose? To implement changes geared to making sustainable organisations and corporate models a reality

«Sustainability in
our DNA «

After more than 13 years in the world of environmental consulting, I have been fortunate to travel and learn how the concept of sustainability has evolved in different parts of the world. Years ago I advised the World Bank and specialized in carbon markets almost when no one was talking about it, as I felt that climate change is our greatest challenge and that we must combat it on a global scale.

In 2012 we created Ecoterrae with the purpose of using the fight against climate change as an engine of business change. After 8 years of life, I can say with total security that, who shares our purpose and is committed to generating value beyond the economic, who cares about their people and takes care of their environment, can generate wealth while contributing their grain of sand for our species and ‘our’ planet to prosper sustainably. Who does not understand this, will be out of the market.

For this reason, we hope to continue generating confidence in our clients to accompany them in this transition towards a low-carbon economic model.

Major milestones


With the publication of Ecoterrae ethics code, agreed between the entire team of people who are part of this company, we intend to write down which are the moral principles on which we rely to develop our work and manage the deal. This document confirms the behavior that we have been maintaining in the years that we have been in business, and lays the foundations to continue growing as a responsible company in the face of the challenges that we will face as an organization in the future.

We set up a public form so that any interested person can, with a full guarantee of confidentiality:

  1. File a query or complaint about the Code.
  2. Report any unethical behavior or action that you have become aware of.

The download will begin once the form is filled out.

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